Drum Kits
Early 80s Tama Maple Imperial Star kit:
24 in bass, 13, 14, 16 in toms
22 in 1972 Ludwig Bass Drum
13 in, 14in, 16 in Slingerland toms (c. 1970 -75)
Gretsch Diamond Anniversary (1958) 22 in Bass
Gretsch Diamond Anniversary 13 in Tom Tom
Sonor 22 in Bass drum (c.late 70s)
Sonor 13 in, 14 in, 16 in toms
26 in 1935 WFL Marching Bass Drum c. 1940
20 in Rogers Holiday Bass Drum (late 60s)

Snare Drums
1953 WFL 5 1⁄2 in wood
Ludwig 5 1⁄2 in white aluminum Acrolite (c. late 70s)
Ludwig 5 1/2 in Supraphonic (c. 1970)
Premier 5 1⁄2 chrome
Truth 6 1/2 custom in maple
Sonor 6 in chrome
Yamaha “Steel” 6 1⁄2 in chrome snare

13 in “Medium” Hi hats (came with Gretch Silver Anniversary
14 in original Sabien Hand-Hammered Hi Hats
14 in Sabien B8 Hi Hats
16 in Zildjian Heavy Crash
16 in Sabien Crash/Ride 16 in
Paiste 400 crash
18 in Zildjian Thin Crash
18 in Zildjian Heavy Crash
20 in Zildjian Rock Ride
22 in Zildjian Ride
22 in Paiste 3000 Heavy Ride

2006 DiPinto Galaxie IV Sunburst
1965 Gibson SG Special
1989 Rickenbacker 330
Danelectro Mod 6-String
Danelectro Innuendo
Danelectro 59-DC reissue
Silvertone (original ‘60s)
Gibson J 185 Reissue Acoustic guitar

Guitar Amps/ Bass Amps and cabinets
BadCat WildCat 40 (2×12 Class A, EL34s)
Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb Reissue
Kauffman ’59 Bass Man replication with Class A switch and Feedback Resistor bypass
1965 Fender Bandmaster w 2×12 cabinet (all original)
1961 Valco Supro 15 W all tube
Gibson Skylark 10 W all tube
Ampeg Custom modified V4 head
Ampeg V4B
Ampeg B25B
Ampeg G-18 10 W
Leslie 145/147
Leslie 122 Tall Boy
Matchless Thunderman (inspired by the Ampeg B-15 flip top – rare and amazing!)

Drum Machines
Korg /UniVox SR 120 (The Beat-Box)
Korg DDD-1
Linn Drum (Sampled)
808 (Sampled)
707 (Sampled)


Hammond B-2 organ (with Trek2 percussion)
Fender Mark IV Rhodes piano (perfect condition)
Fender Mark II Rhodes piano
Wurlitzer 200 Electric piano
Nord Electro2 (61 key)
Yamaha PSR-6
Casio SK1
Yamaha CS01 Synthesizer
Korg Monophonic MS10 synthesizer
Roland Juno-6 Polyphonic Synthesizer
Mason and Hamlin Upright Grand Piano (1902, 2006 restrung, 2011 new hammers)
Cunningham Matchless Upright Grand Piano (with tacks)

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